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Replacing mechanical meters with smart electronic metering meters that meet the legal standards on metrology is one of the effective solutions to improve the efficiency of electricity management and use economically and contribute to the development of smart grid.

Implementing Decision No. 1670 / QD-TTg, dated January 8, 2012 of the Prime Minister on “Approving the project of developing smart power grids in Vietnam”, recently, Hung Yen Power Company (write off as the company) has implemented many solutions in grid improvement to ensure that the telemetry system is fully invested in to all electricity users. Continuing the roadmap for implementing the program to increase the efficiency of electricity system operation, focusing on the distribution grid, equipping the information technology – telecommunications infrastructure for the distribution grid.

Currently, the company is managing to sell electricity to over 450 thousand customers, equivalent to over 450 thousand electricity meters. Previously, because mainly mechanical meters, electric workers would have to go to each location to install ladder-carrying meters and tools to read and record the power consumption index every month. The process of reading or entering data is completely manual, so it is difficult to avoid errors, especially potential risks of insecurity. Since 2013, the company has replaced mechanical meters with electronic meters. By modern technology, meter reading and recording can be done via a handheld device (handheld_HHU using RF waves) or via a remote automatic meter reading and recording system (RF_Mesh master meter RF data concentrator (DCU); GSM / GPRS and 3G, 4G mobile telecommunications networks).

According to the synthesis of the electricity industry, at present, the province has replaced more than 130 thousand mechanical meters with electronic meters. The actual operation shows that the installation of electronic meters brings many practical benefits. Specifically: Higher accuracy (+ 1%), lower power loss, compact size. The recording of monthly meter readings is done remotely, automatically reading the readings at any time, especially reducing risks for workers when recording meter readings. With these outstanding features, replacing the installation of electronic meters for remote reading is an inevitable trend in the roadmap of building smart grids.

Implementing the periodic replacement of power metering equipment, in 2019 and over the first eight months of this year, the company has periodically replaced more than 109,000 metering equipment; detect and promptly replace thousands of stuck, burnt, broken or damaged measuring means. For customers who have their own transformer station, the company has installed and exploited the telemetry system at 1,397 / 2,279 measuring points, reaching the rate of over 61%; 1,826 / 1,888 measuring points for the total upstream source of public transformer stations have been installed, reaching the rate of 96.7%. For customers after public transformer stations, in 2019, the company has replaced more than 18.6 thousand mechanical meters with 1-phase electronic meters, bringing the total number of electronic meters put into use. currently has over 130 thousand meters.

In order to continue to well perform the management and modernization of the means of electricity metering, the company continues to strictly manage the measuring device according to the 2-level model, completing the replacement of periodic metering equipment. by 2020, with over 51.8 thousand 1-phase meters, more than 13.5 thousand 3-phase meters. Complete and maintain regular operation of telemetry system at specialized customers, synchronize the installation of new measuring points with the installation of telemetry systems. Additional installation of telemetry of remaining specialized transformer stations according to telemetry equipment supplied by the Northern Power Corporation. For telemetry system at customers after public substations, the company maintains continuous operation of the AMR system deployed in Hung Yen city, recording the index by HHU for the region. installed electronic meter, RF module.

In the last months of the year, Hung Yen Power Company continues to follow up and implement the planning of the information technology system, at the same time continue to deploy the application of electronic digital signatures in the storage of cash statements. electricity, index handover minutes, index confirmation minutes … contribute to improving the efficiency of labor productivity, reducing costs in printing, storing electricity bills. In addition, the company has built and developed a number of dedicated software such as transformer management software to exploit and manage transformer stations, distribution transformers; centralized telemetry system management; exploit and monitor operating parameters of distribution transformers through the telemetry system.

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