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What is the first circuit?

The first is an electrical circuit consisting of incoming and outgoing cables (overhead or underground cables) connected to busbars and transformers through circuit breakers and isolators.

The voltage of the received power supply varies with the pressure transformers. There are high-pressure protective devices (circuit breaker, anti-lightning valve).

Includes current transformers to convert high-voltage current into low-voltage current of smaller amperage. Supply current signals for electrical measuring system equipment and protection system.

Voltage transformers to convert high voltage into low voltage voltage signal. Supply voltage signals for electrical measuring system equipment and protection system.

A self-use transformer that converts high voltage into low voltage. This is a low voltage power source used by itself to supply the secondary circuit, the lighting circuit….

In addition, in the first circuit of the transformer station, compensating capacitors are also possible. The first circuit in the transformer station works at high voltage (voltage level 12.7kV, 22kV, 66kV, 110kV,…).

What is the binary circuit?

The second circuit (control circuit) consists of circuits that control the operation of the first circuit (control, status indicator, electrical parameter metering and protection of the first circuit).

The secondary circuit has control cables, electrical wires, secondary devices (power metering equipment, control equipment, protective relays, etc.) which are connected in a certain sequence.

The secondary circuit works at low voltage (≤ 220V), using direct current (accounting for the majority of the secondary electrical network in the transformer station) and alternating current (accounting for a small part of the secondary electrical network in the transformer station). pressure).

Secondary circuit is installed in cabinets, electrical panels; in transmission cabinets that control electrical equipment, in cable ditches, cable pipes, cable boxes.

In addition to the secondary circuit, the transformer station also has other low-voltage circuits, which are lighting circuits and communication equipment circuits.

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